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„We shall survive in the memory of others”
                                        Vilém Flusser


„We shall survive in the memory of others”

“…there is a long history to the philosophy of images, most of it is negative. Because due to our Greek and Jewish tradition, philosophy has a prejudice as far as images are concerned. It is the prejudice that the image is only a copy, a simulation of thought, so that either it is forbidden to make images, or that images are being accepted with a great distrust. But I think this is now changing because the images no long represent the world. These new images are now articulations of thought. They are not copies but projections, models, so a new attitude toward the image is necessary, and I think it is developing.”

Vilém Flusser, 1988

A DVD project of C³ Center for Culture and Communication Foundation, Budapest (Miklós Peternák) in cooperation with the _Vilém_Flusser_Archiv, Universität der Künste Berlin (Siegfried Zielinski).

Original English transcriptions, supervisor for translations, subtitling, text editing:

Sopravvivremo nel ricordo degli altri / Susanna BANDIERA (Italiano),
Wir überleben in der Erinnerung der anderen / Claudia BECKER (Deutsch),
Sobreviveremos na memória dos outros / Erick OLIVEIRA (Português),
Nosotros sobreviviremos en la memoria de otros / Marta KOVACSICS (Español),
Nous survivrons par la mémoire des autres / Amandine GAUTHIER (Français),
Mások emlékezetében élünk tovább / TÍMÁR Katalin, VAJDA Róza, ERHARDT Miklós (Magyar)

Additional proofreading by  Susan SALINGER, César BAIO
Support on behalf of the _Vilém_Flusser_Archive: Marcel René MARBURGER, Siegfried ZIELINSKI

Interviews: László BEKE, Miklós PETERNÁK
Camera: András SÓLYOM, László Gábor NAGY, Károly ARRI
DVD authoring and design: Zsigmond PETERNÁK
Production assistance: Éva KOZMA, András SZŐNYI
Special thanks to Judit KOPPER, Suzanne MÉSZÖLY, Keiko SEI,
Director: Miklós PETERNÁK

DVD video PAL 87min.



Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln
ISBN 978-3-86560-806-2

Flusser DVD


Vilém Flusser

Television Image and Political Space in the Light of the Romanian Revolution
Lecture, Budapest, the 7th of April, 1990 (24’30’’)

On technical images, chance, consciousness and the individual
Interview by Miklós Peternák in München, the 17th of October 1991 (38’)

On religion, memory and synthetic image
Interview by László Beke and Miklós Peternák in Budapest, the 7th of April 1990 (13’30’’)

On writing, complexity and the technical revolutions
Interview by Miklós Peternák in Osnabrück, European Media Art Festival, September 1988 (10’30’’)

(With a booklet in English language.)